Secure Shredding Service in Cherry Hill New Jersey

Secure shredding your business’ files and documents is always an urgent and important matter. It is the law for most businesses to have some sort of secure shredding service in place. Secured Document Destruction has your Cherry Hill business covered. Not only do we offer secure and reliable shredding services, but we come to you. Secured Document Destruction comes to your business any day of the week and takes away your shredding.

Secure Shredding in the Beginning

Based out of Cherry Hill, Secured Document Destruction has been securely shredding documents for over 15 years. Since the start, Secured Document Destruction has prided itself on providing unsurpassed and reliable service when it comes to shredding your documents securely. We offer both on-site and off-site document shredding. We work on the client’s schedule. This means no matter the day or time we will be able to always securely shred your business documents.

Secure Shredding Because It Is the Law

According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, all businesses, regardless of industry or size, must protect the sensitive information of their clients. This act was then extended in 2003 in order to protect those from the ever-growing issue of identity theft. To this day, this act still applies to every single business. If a business cannot comply with this law, they are essentially breaking it and opening themselves up to legal trouble. This was made to protect all consumers of all ages.

Another law that has recently been put into place over the last few years is HIPAA. This law was made in order to promote privacy with the medical field. All patients own the right to their privacy and doctors are not allowed to talk to people without patient consent. However, most medical records are stored by using many folders of papers. These records need to be occasionally thrown away or shredded themselves. And although it is not required to shred these records, it is highly recommended to do so. Secure shredding is one of the top preferences used to dispose of this information. If medical professionals violate the laws of proper disposal, they are subject to legal trouble.

What Areas Qualify for Secure Shredding Services?

Secured Document Destruction services most areas in South Jersey and Philadelphia. Based out of Cherry Hill, we offer professional, secure shredding services throughout the Cherry Hill area. Any business or industry in Cherry Hill, we will make sure that your documents are shredded properly and securely.


Secure Shredding Services Offered

At Secured Document Destruction, we offer a wide variety of secure shredding services.

Mobile On-Site Shredding:

With our mobile shredding, there is no turn around time. The cases of paper or documents are immediately removed from your business and taken to our shredding truck. Right then and there the contents will be securely shredded before your very eyes.

Off-Site Shredding:

Do not have time to watch us securely shred your documents, not a problem. Secured Document Destruction will come and pick up your documents or containers and securely shred them off-site. This leaves your office clutter free in a short amount of time.

Hard Drive Destruction:

As we continue to live in the digital age, there has now become an issue of destroying hard drives with sensitive information on them. If not properly destroyed, these hard drives can be easily stolen and give up very sensitive customer information. Your business will be left with the aftermath of this security breach.

Console and Container Rentals:

Want to schedule a reoccurring secure shredding pickup? Need a place to store your files until it is time to shred? Secured Document Destruction has got you covered. We offer a variety of secure shredding containers and cases for your business in order to protect your files and keep your business’s space clutter-free. The best part is that you can call us to schedule a pick-up date and we will haul the containers away for you. No need to sit in a pile of old documents, clean them up with Secured Document Destruction’s container rentals.


Want a Free Quote on Secure Shredding Services in Cherry Hill?

Call Secure Document Destruction for a free, no obligation quote on secure shredding or any of our other services. Contact us for scheduling, estimates, and so much more. Give us a call at (856)-317-1080 and get your secure shredding started today.