Document Shredding with Secured Document Destruction

Be Clutter-Free with Document Shredding from Secured Document Destruction

One of the biggest issues that face businesses today is being cluttered with thousands of documents and the only answer is document shredding. Whether you are in the medical field or legal field, Secured Document Destruction has got you covered from top to bottom with our secure document shredding.

Document Shredding for Privacy

Document shredding is the most secure way to ensure your clients’ privacy. Most businesses make use of paper documents to store private information that cannot go on the web. These can include medical records, credit card forms, receipts, and much more. This is the easiest way to store these files, however, every document can really add up around the office. Then when it is time to clear out all the files, all your documents must be disposed of properly. In fact, there are specific laws in place, such as HIPPA regulations, that make sure businesses disposed of their files securely to protect people’s privacy. Document shredding with Secure Document Destruction is the best way to ensure that your clients’ information is protected properly. We come to your business and shred your documents securely in order to protect you and your clients.

How Document Shredding Works

Document shredding can work in a variety of ways. There first is the simple option of our mobile document shredding service. You call us and we come to your business and shred your documents right on site. There is also an option of ordering a container for on-site shredding. Secured Document Destruction gives you a secure container to throw all your files in. When it is full, just give us a call and we will be right over to shred your documents. The second document shredding option available and Secure Document Destruction is the off-site secure shredding. Tired of having the files in your way? No problem. Secured Document Destruction will come to pick up all your files right away. They will then transport them to a secure site where they will be shredded securely. Either way, your business’ document destruction would be taken care of professionally.

Who Do We Offer Document Shredding Services to?

Secured Document Destruction offers document shredding services to anyone in any industry. The problems with identity theft have escalated rapidly in the past few years. Giving identity thieves the opportunity to obtain paper files is never a good idea. Secured Document Destruction performs document shredding in all South Jersey including Cherry Hill and the Philadelphia area. Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote. We can help your office go from cluttered to clean with our on-site shredding.